Gladstone Cloud: Password Reset FAQ

Self Service Password Reset FAQs and Information for Gladstone Cloud

What is SSPR and why are you moving to it?

Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) is the current password reset process on the Gladstone Cloud platform. As part of our solution moving into the cloud, we are able to benefit from all of the security features it now has. Part of this offering allows us to address some of the pain points for out customers which includes the ability to reset and unlock your account without needing to contact customer support. This is one of the most asked for process improvements requested by our customers base, with SSPR we are now able to offer this functionality to all customers.

All users will be asked for extra information to allow them to recover their account later on. You can find what this process looks like here. Please be aware that this is not something that you can opt-out of and is being done to secure our cloud offerings for all users on the platform.

To help understand the process, we have put together a quick walkthrough of how the process will work:




Can I use a shared email address?

We would advise you to use an individual unique email address 

Can I use a personal email address e.g. Hotmail/yahoo?

Yes - please use whatever account you have access to as a secondary form of authentication. This can be a personal email address or a work supplied email address.

My password has expired, how do I change it?

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Can Gladstone Support reset my password for me?

No - once this process has been activated, Gladstone Support can only help advise how to complete the forgot my password process. They will no longer be able to set a users password over the phone for security reasons.

Can I update my SSPR contact method details or add a different method?

Yes, here: Some users may already have an office365 login provided by your local IT team. When using this URL, make sure to use your login to sign in and NOT your office 365 login provided by your IT team. If in doubt, open a new browser (in Incognito mode would be best) and browse to the URL from here.

I can't get my code as it is setup to go to a colleague

You can update your email/mobile details here: - as the above point details, you need to make sure you login using your login and NOT your Office365 login provided by your IT team. If in doubt, open a new browser (in Incognito mode would be best) and browse to the URL from here.

Why has the password reset process changed again?

Following feedback the process has been changed to allow customers to self-serve which is more efficient and also more secure. We has listened to customer concerns about password lock outs and the removal of password expiry notifications since the move to AVD. This process removes the need for a reminder as it will ask you to change your password when needed leaving you with one less thing to worry about!

Do I still use the same login account I previously used?

Yes, please continue to use your leisure account provided by Gladstone

Is this Multi-factor (MFA) Authentication?

No, you will only be asked to provide authentication method details once during initial setup and this is only so you can reset your password if you have forgotten it.

Are you moving to Multi-factor (MFA) Authentication?

Yes, this will be something we will implement as we look to continuously improve our security features. This is one step towards that and all users will need to have completed this setup to allow us to turn on MFA by default. If you do not wish to use MFA at your site you will be able to opt-out of this.

Further details on how to register and reset your forgotten password can be found in the below article...

Gladstone Cloud: Password Reset