GMC: Using EFT Site Groups

Using EFT Site Groups

Note: Please Ensure that you have administrator rights in Plus2, and that you are allowed to do this as this will effect sites ability to take Direct Debit payments.


Step 1 - Creating an EFT Site Group

To create a new Site Group and enable EFT, navigate to 'Configuration > System > Site Groups > Create New Site Group'. You will then need to add the sites required into this group remembering the following requirements:

  • EFT Site Group must be ticked for this to work.
  • Sites may only be in 1 EFT site group. - If you are adding multiple sites into an EFT site group they will not be able to be in any other site groups that have EFT ticked.
  • Name your Site groups ID something memorable (In this instance TRIN)

Step 2 - Enabling in GMC

To set it so that GMC uses Site Groups:

To do this, make sure your current site is the one you are looking to run the DD run against. (in this example we are using TRIN)

Navigate to 'Configuration > Financial > Site Accounts' and make the following checks:

  • Set 'Electronic Funds Transfer Scope' to 'Site Group'.
  • Set 'EFT Group' to your site group ID (in this instance TRIN).
  • Ensure 'EFT Use Single Processing Date' is ticked.


Step 3 - Checking this is working in GMC.

Finally, within GMC, navigate to Electronic Funds Transfer and select 'Process Run'.

You should now select your site to run the EFT run against, and see that it has now correctly selected the site as 'Site Group' and selected the Site Group ID that you created earlier. At this point, you can perform a test run and confirm that the numbers are all correct.