URC: Connect using Power BI

To show details on how to connect to Snowflake Data Warehouse using Power BI.

Connecting using Power BI

Get Power BI

We will be using Power BI desktop, so to begin with you will need to download Power BI desktop from this link: https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/desktop/

Setting up Power BI

Load up Power BI:

On the top left, there is an icon under the home tab that says “Get data”, click the drop down arrow and click “More…”

This will open a Get Data modal where you can search for Snowflake and you will see the connection option appear:

Click on that and select Connect which will then lead you onto the Snowflake configuration screen:

The only 3 fields that matter at this point are Server and Warehouse:

Server – For example: gp78166.europe-west2.gcp.snowflakecomputing.com

Warehouse – The data warehouse assigned to your login, E.g. COMPUTE_WH_DEMO Data Connectivity Mode – For this we use import as this is more efficient for large data sets Click OK to continue.

After this you will be required to enter your Snowflake login credentials:

And click Connect and if all works correctly, then you now have a navigator where you can select the tables you want to use: