Plus2: Till Drawer Configuration

How to configure the Till Drawer for Plus2


The till drawer works via the Printer Driver, and not directly through Plus2. Often if there are problems with the till drawer, it is because the printer driver has not been configured or requires a re-install.

As with all hardware related to the printers and readers, the till drawer configuration is required to be completed by the site, or their IT department. If there are any problems, please see the link to the Printer drivers Guide below:


Drivers will always need to be installed on the local computer that the Printer is directly plugged into. If you are using a remote session (dialling onto a server) you will also need to have the driver installed onto the server.

Configuring the Driver

1. Open 'Control Panel', and select 'View Devices and Printers.

2. Right click on your 'Epson TM-T88' printer and select 'Printing preferences'.


3. When the Printing preferences page appears, select Document Settings > Cash Drawer and then set the options both to either 'Open before printing', or 'Open after printing'.

Click Apply and close the driver options.


4. You can now do a test print from the printer to check the till is opening.

Back in control panel > Devices and Printers, right click on your 'Epson TM-T88' printer and select 'Printer properties'.


5. In the Printer properties windows, select 'Print Test Page' which will then send a test print to this printer, and should now open the till.


6. You can now set the printer within Plus2 to use the till drawer.