Product Information

All product related questions when using Gladstone Cloud

What is the average response time I can expect from the API?

Performance is a key part of the Gladstone Cloud platform which is why all endpoints are tested under load at the development stage to make sure they meet the high requirements we set. Most endpoints are designed to respond in 200-300ms under load.

Where can I find the API documentation?

The latest documentation is stored here and updated as releases are done.

What is the API built in?

Our API is designed for third party integrations alongside running the Go platform. We use the same API's which are available for our customers. This means our customers always get access to a developing API platform as being part of the Gladstone Cloud platform. This is a REST based API of which documentation can be found here.

Do you offer support?

Yes - we offer support Monday to Friday and out-of-hours support for those customers who have this add-on as part of their package. Please see the following document for more information.

Do you use cookies in your products?

We do not use tracking cookies within our products unless you have configured them for your use. We do make use of platform specific cookies which help us load balance traffic effectively to keep the platform as performant as possible.

Can I use web tracking in the products?

Yes - Gladstone Go and the signature products both support this. To enable it within GladstoneGo, this is available in the configuration portal. For the signature products, you will need to contact us. Facebook Pixel is only available in GladstoneGo.

Is there any downtime during product updates?

Gladstone Cloud is designed to deploy updates throughout the day without effecting use of the product. This was a key element to the design of the cloud platform and we are proud to say that we can deploy any changes to customer environments without disrupting users. No downtime upgrades are now standard.

What languages can you support?

GladstoneGo is built to be multi-lingual. At the moment it supports English and Welsh. If you need another language added to the platform, please speak to our sales team who can advise you further.

How will I be notified of updates?

We are constantly improving our products so the best way to stay up to date with the releases is by monitoring our updates page here. You can sign up for automated alerts when a new release has been done to save you time checking in the future!

How many environments can I have?

As part of Gladstone Cloud you will be provided with a production environment and an optional test environment. Each customer can only have 2 environments. We separate our internal development and QA environments from customer infrastructure in a completely separate Azure tenant.

How do I access the product?

If you are using our Plus2 product, access is via Azure Virtual Desktop. More information can be found here.

If you are using our 360 & Go products, these are accessed via a browser.