Plus2: Mail Merge

Mail Merge Report

you will need to set up an export report, to do this follow the below:


 1. Go to configuration > general > export file definitions

 2. Create a new export file definition



Use the following information:

  a. In the general details tab:

Name: Email Export (or similar)

Description: Email export to Excel (or similar)


In the 2 boxes, you will need to select 'Home email address' and press the '>' button to move it to the 'selected fields' area.



 b. In the Output Format Tab:

Output type: (Comma Separated Values)

Output Header: tick this box.

Extension: DAT



Save this.


3. You can then go to the report generator and select the report group as Exports.

Select the report and click create.

This will save a file with the email addresses and put it into the Data\Exports folder. (The location may well be in 'M:\Data\Exports')