MobilePro: Login Settings

Login Settings

App users will be asked to login the first time they try to :

  • Book a Class in a Class Booking module
  • Book an Activity in an Activity Booking module
  • See their bookings in My Bookings or Favourites (which are flavours of Activity Booking modules)
  • Access a web module which uses Single-Sign-On

The Login page asks them to enter their login details. Typically the type of login requested will be one of

  • MemberID and PIN 
  • Email and Secure Password

The type of login is controlled by a setting in Plus2/360 so if you need to change this please contact Gladstone support.

Once the user has logged in, the app remembers the login and they won't be asked again unless they logout.

You can control these aspects of the login page through the cockpit.

Setting up a Register or Join Now button is important to allow you to sign up casual app users who have found the app, typically through Social Media, and want to be able to book a class or court. This replaces what used to be the "Register Link" in the app.

To set-up the Login Page, in the cockpit,

1) Select Account top right

2) Select Login Settings

The Login Page settings can be very useful if you are migrating your users from MemberID & PIN to Email and Secure Password. You can use the Login Instructions to explain the change to users, and you can use the Custom Button to take them to a web page where they can check and set their Email and Secure Password.

Most Change Password journeys involve an Email Verification step where you send the user an email to confirm their email address and then a landing page for them to set their password. We can provide you with a deep-link URL to take the user back into the app Login Page afterwards which completes the journey -- contact your Support representative to ask them for this.