Plus2: How to update turnstile and gate entry points for bookings

This article explains how to update turnstile and gate entry points for bookings


Entry Point access can be controlled based on the member’s Status, Subscription, Bookings, Product and Site.

Typically, leisure sites would allow access to the facility based on a subscription. For example, a member may have a current Direct Debit subscription and attend a site. Upon swiping their card or wristband at a turnstile, the Gladstone system will grant access.

As a direct result of the COVID-19 epidemic, their may be a requirement to restrict the number of members onsite at times. In these circumstances, an alternative solution is to grant Entry Point access to customers based on an existing booking, rather than their membership.

Note: There is no need to update the Reception, Bookings, Web (Connect) or Kiosk Entry points.

Configure Entry Points for Bookings

Each Entry Point must be configured independently. To reconfigure your Entry Point for bookings, follow the instructions below:


  1. Sign into Plus2 and navigate to Configuration System Entry Points.
  2. Entry Point configuration can also be managed in the Gladstone Management Console (GMC)
  3. Locate the appropriate Entry Point (E.g. Reception Turnstile, Gym Door, etc)

  1. Navigate to the Permitted Subscription Types tab. Subscriptions that currently allow access will be displayed. Consider taking a screenshot or documenting the current configuration before proceeding to assist the reversal process if and when required.
  1. Select each Subscription individually, and select the Delete button, until all Subscriptions have been removed.
  1. Navigate to the Permitted Resource Bookings tab.
  2. Add the Resource Products (E.g. Sports Hall Court 1, Court 2, Gym, Studio, etc) that will grant access if the member has a booking in that area.
  1. Navigate to the More Details tab.
  2. Locate the Entry Duration within the Bookings Grace Period section which is used to specify the amount of time in minutes that entry will be allowed prior to the start of a booking. In the example below, a member will be allowed access through the Entry Point 15 minutes before the booked Activity or Reservation.
  1. Select Save.
Members will now only gain access based on bookings made (either in club or online using Connect or MobilePro), and NOT automatically based on their current Subscription. Thus allowing sites to restrict numbers based on the Max Bookees for each eservation (class) or Activity.