MobilePro: Adding My Wellness Module

Adding My Wellness Module

If you use the Technogym mywellness to managing your customers’ Wellness lifestyles, you can use a Web module so customers can access the mywellness web site from your app. However the mywellness website is not responsive so the user experience isn't great on a mobile device. Technogym's main focus is on their native iOS and Android apps, so we've partnered with them to create a mywellness module that works with the mywellness app.

With the mywellness module, you can put a tile on your home screen to connect with the mywellness app. Specifically:

  • If the user clicks a tile connected to the mywellness module and they have the mywellness app installed, the mywellness app will be opened from your app. Your user can interact with the mywellness app and return back to your app by clicking the link at the top left of the screen

  • If the user doesn't have the mywellness app installed, they will be asked if they'd like to install it and if yes, taken to the appropriate app store to download it. On first run of the mywellness app, the user will be asked to login, their details are remembered for subsequent runs of the app. 

If you can't see the mywellness module when you hit Module+ in the cockpit, please contact your reseller and ask them to get it enabled on your account.

Technogym has provided the following images which you can use on your tile and which comply with their design guidelines. You can download the images from here. For more information on this please contact your Technogym representative.